How to Speed Up Your Personal Injury Settlement

Video Transcript:

While most personal injury cases take between six months and three years to settle, there are some things you can do to speed up and maximize your personal injury settlement. In this video, we’ll tell you what they are.

Number 1: Collect Evidence and Document Everything. One of the most important things you can do to get the most money from your case and make it move faster is to collect as much evidence as you can and document everything, even before you have hired a lawyer.

Call the police and ask for a traffic collision report, even if you think the collision is relatively minor; take pictures; gather witness information; seek prompt medical attention; if involved in a slip and fall, ask the store manager to prepare an incident report and preserve all videos; obtain all your medical records and bills; keep a journal or diary documenting your pain, symptoms, and the effect your injury is having on your life; document time off from work due to your injury or treatment; maintain wage records to show the wages you have lost.

Number 2: Ensure that all Documentation and Evidence are Organized and Readily Available from the Start. The more efficiently you can provide necessary information and documents to your attorney, the less time will be wasted during all phases of your case.

Number 3: Keep Your Lawyer Informed. Good communication with your legal team is also key. Keep them informed of any new developments, including doctor appointments, and be responsive to their requests. Delays often occur when attorneys are waiting on information from their clients.

Number 4: Be an Active Participant in Your Medical Treatment. Don’t delay seeking medical attention and attend all your appointments as scheduled. If you’re feeling symptoms or pain, speak up – tell your doctor and lawyer. Also, be sure to follow all of your doctors’ recommendations. The faster you reach maximum medical improvement, the faster your case can resolve. If you don’t have medical insurance, it’s not a problem. Your personal injury attorney can find medical providers to treat you regardless.

Number 5: Check in Regularly with Your Lawyer and Ask Them for Status on Your Case. A single personal injury lawyer typically handles 25 to 45 cases at a time. Unfortunately, cases sometimes fall by the wayside no matter how good or experienced your attorney is. By checking in with your lawyer every month or so, you’ll put yourself at the front of their mind.

Thank you for watching, and remember, this video is for informational purposes only, and is not to be taken as legal advice.

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